APDM – Recording Student Details And Progress Become Easier

August 23, 2018

The education ministry of Malaysia creates specific software for managing the education system. The software is considered as the apdm (Aplikasi Pengkalan Data Murid). It works on the basis of the online structure. It is helpful in recording different types of details related to the students. The school authorities are also able to track the student performance and their attendance for making a final report.

The teachers can upload data regarding the student’s educational performance and their behavior. It highly helps other teachers to know that how to handle the students particularly. All these things are beneficial in developing educational skills in the students properly and getting the best outcomes.

How to update information about school?

All users do not know that how to operate the software for different types of tasks. Due to it, some users or teachers need help and proper guidance. Now I’m going to mention step by step process of updating school information.

Step 1: Access the account

First of all, the school admin is required to run the official website. After opening the website, the users are required to log in their account by entering useID & password.

Step 2: Access features

When the account is successfully logged in, then the users need to consider the update feature. By accessing this particular option, the users can modify or update the details regarding school.

Step 3: Final step

After uploading the details, the users are required to verify that the details are correct. If everything is right then, you should go for the final step. For it, the users need to tab on “School Information Update” button or option.

Final words

By following the above-mentioned small process, the users can perform activities easily. It can help the school admin in updating information properly by saving lots of time.

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