It’s that time of year again – dance recital time! Even though this was Alex’s 11th dance recital – I get as excited as I did at her first! This year’s recital was special in so many ways. It was Miss Dar’s 20th Dance Recital and the theme was “History Repeating”. Many of the dances were from previous years. Alex’s dances from her first year were back in the recital!  I had tears in my eyes watching these little ones as Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz and as little Minnie Mouses. As they danced, I couldn’t help but think of Alex on stage 11 years ago dancing to these songs. Thanks for making me cry Miss Dar!

Here she is 11 years ago as a Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz:

and as Minnie mouse:

And if that wasn’t enough to tug on my heart strings…It was also Alex’s first year on pointe and first year with a real tutu. 

I’ve waited 11 years for a tutu…..11 years!!!

I know Alex doesn’t like this one because she’s not right on pointe..but I still like it:

Wait…there’s more excitement!

The photos below were taken at Tuesday night’s dress rehearsal:


The following photos were taken at Wednesday night’s dress rehearsal.

Notice anything different in these photos? 

Alex got her braces off! OMG…the girl is all teeth! She looks so different to me.





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