For Alexis

…because I know you’re worrying we didn’t get anything! Liam is one of my baby planners and he wasn’t himself this day. Alexis – I know you think it was “disasterous” but be rest assured that we got plenty!!

Here’s a sneak peak to ease your mind:

I adore this next photo….love that it’s of Renee and Liam but you still see Caleb’s legs!

I still can’t get over his amazing eyes and eyelashes

and because I know you love naked babies…..

and this next one….sigh….I think it’s such a perfect sibling shot. You would never know poor Liam was crying most of the time!

I hope you feel better after seeing these photos. 

It was a pleasure photographing your maternity, Liam as a newborn and your family. Good luck with your move to Ottawa!


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