Mackenzie | Niagara Children Photographer

My son Mackenzie came up to me a few weeks ago with an issue he had. He apparently went through my blog and counted the number of photos of him compared to those of Alex! He actually had the exact number, I can’t remember what it was, but it was quite obvious that there were more photos of Alex on my blog than him. Kids love making their parents feel guilty don’t they? Well, I explained to Mackenzie that if only he would let me take his photo – I would have more of him to post!! He’s always been a tough one to photograph and pretty much runs when he sees the camera……except for recent. Mackenzie actually wanted me to take his photo!

With the busy season wrapping up, I took the opportunity today to take some photos of Mackenzie. OMG…..I’m in love with them. How cute is he? He  loosened up and forgot about the camera and I was actually able to capture “Mackenzie”. Christmas has come early for me! Thanks Mack.

and a few with Alex in them:

one of Alex:

and look…one with the two of them together…Christmas really has come early!

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