I’m Back

So what’s with me and facing my fears? As you recall, back in October, I faced one of my biggest fears – public speaking.See October post – Personal and Professional Milestone.

Well, I just got back from a cruise with my family where I conquered my 2nd biggest fear – heights. I am terrified of heights and I know I share this fear with many of you out there. My family was SHOCKED when I told them I had booked a zip line excursion in the jungles of Belize. They were skeptical whether or not I would actually follow through. I cannot tell you how terrified I was while on the highest platform built around a massive tree. I think I actually started going into shock – my body began to shake uncontrollably – that’s how terrified I was. Alex looked at me with concern and said “Mommy, you don’t have to do this”. I know I didn’t have to…but I wanted to! Well, I did it! I ziplined across 8 platforms suspended in the beautiful jungles of Belize. Although I was terrified, I have to admit it was so exhilarating! 



Would I do it again? I actually would!

I just want to mention that I booked this excursion with Major Tom. We did the combination cave tubing and ziplining. If anyone out there is cruising and one of your stops is Belize, I highly recommend booking your excursion with Major Tom. He’s extremely reputable, professional and all of his guides were great.

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