SYTYCD Workshop!! | niagara photographers

This workshop with Nico (SYTYCD Canada Winner Season 1) and  Kayla (SYTYCD US Top 4 Season 5) was such an INCREDIBLE experience for the girls!!!! It was small and intimate with only about 25 dancers in each class. It was an experience they will never forget. There were a lot of screams, tears of joy, nerves and laughter. Quoting the girls “It was the best day of their lives!”.

I think I was the only mom that asked to get a picture with Nico lol! Ummm….can my smile be any bigger?!


Kayla is sooooo beautiful and the girls really enjoyed her class.


I took more video than photos. Here’s a clip from the class with Nico. Alex is the one on the right with the white long-sleeve


The coolest part was when Nico asked to have the lights turned off. He noticed how tense and self-conscious all of the girls were (can you blame them?). He wanted them to just let go and feel the music. Once they learned the routine, he broke them  down into 4 groups. He watched them  dance and chose 1 girl from each group….Alex was one of them! OMG! I can only imagine how she felt. He had the four of them dance the routine and then HE DANCED IT WITH THEM!!! OMG! I really don’t know who was more excited – the girls or myself!

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