New Studio Announcement!!! | niagara photographer

Daniela Berkhout Photography is moving…..about 60 feet away! Many of you have seen the Carriage House in our backyard – it’s a post and beam structure dating back to 1870. We were very close to tearing it down as we didn’t think it was structurely sound. Back in the fall, we had Todd Barber of Forestgreen Creations come to help us complete the exterior of our house as well as the landscaping. His eyes lit up when he saw the Carriage House. He said he’s restored carriage houses in worse condition then ours!! Todd referred us to an engineer who confirmed that the integrity of the 130  stucture was solid and gave my hubby a list of what needed to be done. A lot of work was done in the fall – the structure  was straightened, re-inforced, given a new foundation and new roof.

Now the exciting part begins! Heated concrete floors (Todd’s suggestion) go in next week and we just ordered gorgeous wood french doors for the entrance (northern facing…a photographer’s dream). Hopefully in 8 weeks, the new studio will be completely enclosed. There’s still a lot of work to be done (my poor, poor husband) but in the end it’s truely going to be my dream studio. The new studio will have a washroom/change room, kitchen/bar area, stone fireplace with large tv above for my client viewings, shooting areas and loft office area. I don’t think I’ll ever leave when it’s done!!! I already have everything picked out from the sofa and chairs, area rug, armoire to the stone for the fireplace and fixtures. I AM BEYOND THRILLED. The only problem is I’m impatient and I want it finished now!!! I cannot wait. I’ve been driving Darby (my husband) crazy but he’s been married to me for over 17 years….so he’s used to it! I’ll be posting photos of the progress. Oh and there will definitely be an open house in the fall when it’s complete!

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