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We covered a little bit of everything during this session with this Erie PA family. We had a separate session a few weeks prior for Ava and Sarah. For this session we focused on family photos, son Trey and their adorable yorkie Crosby!

It started to rain, so we took the rest of the photos in my new carriage house studio. It’s not quite finished but I just HAD to use it for a session. The photos with the 130 year old barn board are just yummy don’t you think?

I have a very special connection with this  family. I photographed Ava and Trey about 4 years ago. Their mom, Deb, fell in love with my yorkie Hershey. When Deb found out I bred Hershey and that she was having puppies, she immediately knew she had to have one. I remember her saying that it just felt right. Deb picked Reese, one of the male pups, from my online photos. They had Reese for 6 months when a very unfortunate, fatal incident happened. Reese licked antifreeze from their truck in the driveway. Antifreeze is very sweet tasting but very deadly to a dog that size. It’s a story worth re-telling since it’s something that could happen to any dog….especially small ones.

I was so excited to meet their new yorkie – Sidney Crosby (do you think their hockey fans?!). He is sooo adorable and oddly enough, Crosby looks more like Hershey than any of her pups!

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