Baby as Art Canada Workshop | niagara newborn photographer

The Baby as Art Canada Workshops were held here at my studio last week on July 18-19th and July 21-22nd. I not only got to experience this amazing workshop twice but also got to hang out with Britt, Carrie and their studio manager Jen for a week. These girls are so down to earth, humble and of course, incredibly talented. I was amazed at how smoothly they run the workshop….considering you’re dealing with unpredictable newborns. They shared everything…all of their tricks, techniques and conversions. It was truly an incredible workshop and experience and I’m so sad it’s over! I also got to meet lots of wonderful ladies from all over Canada, the US and even Scotland, Australia and Hong Kong.

I can’t wait to go through all of my images from the workshop. I will definitely be sharing them….but until then…here’s one from the second workshop.

This shot was taken right in front of my studio.

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